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Application for Accreditation/Re-Accreditation of a Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant/Joint NP-PA Residency or Fellowship Training Program

Thank you for your interest in accrediting or re-accrediting your Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Joint NP/PA Residency or Fellowship Program. By participating in this voluntary accreditation process, your postgraduate training program will engage in a systematic self-evaluation, identification of strengths and weaknesses, on-going critical development and refinement of the curriculum, and innovative program enhancements that reflect the realities of challenging and changing practice in today’s healthcare environment. Consortium Accreditation provides programs with the opportunity to demonstrate their compliance with established standards and to validate the quality of the program to external stakeholders and prospective post graduate trainees.

The Consortium accreditation review process consists of 6 major steps:

  1. Applicant submits a Notice of Intent to Apply (confirms eligibility for accreditation review and opens communication between the applicant and the Consortium). Click here for a PDF of the Notice of Intent to Apply.
  2. Applicant submits Application with $1,000 payment. Click here for a PDF copy of the application form. Upon receipt of the Application, the site visit date is established for approximately 7 to 8 months in the future.
  3. Applicant conducts and submits Self Study Report (within approximately 6 months of submitting Application).
  4. Accreditation Commission reviews and accepts Self Study Report as complete; preparation for on-site visit.  The remaining accreditation fee must be paid in full prior to site visit.
  5. Post-site visit, the Accreditation Commission reviews and considers the evidence and then renders the accreditation decision.
  6. The accreditation action is posted on the Consortium website and the applicant program is informed of the final decision, awarding one of the five accreditation actions:  Initial Accreditation, Renewal of Accreditation, Deferred Decision, Denial of Accreditation, or Rescinding of Accreditation. A formal letter is sent to the senior executive officer regarding the final action and any required follow up activities or explanation of why accreditation will not be granted.

The Accreditation review process requires programs to complete this application (Consortium Accreditation Application) prior to submitting the full Self Study. The purpose of the Application is to provide the Consortium’s Accreditation Commission with basic information about your program to facilitate planning. The Application fee is non-refundable. Prior to submitting this application, we hope that you have taken the opportunity to fully review the Standards and the Self Study Guide and have determined that you are ready to pursue accreditation.

The Self Study provides the program leaders with a focused internal review process that will help them evaluate and document their program’s achievement of the Consortium’s Standards for accreditation. It will also provide them with an opportunity to explore the alignment between the program’s operational and aspirational goals, thereby identifying possibilities for continued growth, innovation, improvement, and leadership.  The Consortium staff will work with you to answer any questions about the process.

The Accreditation Program Self-Assessment is a tool used to assist in accreditation preparation and the program self-study process.

All documents noted above are located in the Apply Section of the Consortium’s website. The materials must be submitted electronically via the Consortium’s website. Payment can be via check and sent to Consortium Accreditation, 575 Main St, Second Floor; Middletown, CT 06457 (Attn: Ragib Noor). If you would like to use ACH Direct Deposit, please send an email to [email protected] to start the process. Consortium staff are also available to respond to any other questions that you might have about the application process. For further information, please call 860-918-6953 or send an e-mail to [email protected].