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Accreditation Status and Public Commentary

Check this page at any time for the status of a program’s accreditation. Accredited, Reaccredited Programs, and Programs in the Accreditation Review Process are listed below.

Initial Accreditation is awarded for a maximum of three (3) years and Renewal of Accreditation is awarded for a maximum of five (5) years.

Public commentary is welcome any time during the active review of a program. Please click on the link and make sure to identify the program in the subject line.

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Program Name Focus Location Accreditation Status
International Community Health Services (ICHS)

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) Residency Program

 Family Seattle, WA Accredited 11/16/2016 – 11/15/2019

Reaccredited 11/16/2019 – 11/16/2024

Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC, Inc.)

Nurse Practitioner Residency in Family Practice and Community Health

 Family Middletown, CT Accredited 11/29/2016 – 11/28/2019

Reaccredited 11/29/19 – 11/29/2024

North Mississippi Medical Center (NMMC)

Advanced Practice Clinician Fellowship

 Family Tupelo, MS Accredited 02/14/2017 – 02/13/2020

Reaccredited 02/14/2020 – 02/14/2023

Western North Carolina Community Health Services (WNCCHS)

Advance Practice Safety Net Residency (APSNR)

 Family Asheville, NC Accredited 07/14/2017 – 07/13/2020;

Voluntary Withdrawal 10/18/2019

 Sea Mar Community Health Centers (Sea Mar)

Family Nurse Practitioner Residency

 Family Seattle, WA  Accredited 07/20/2018 – 07/20/2021;

Reaccredited 09/16/21 – 09/16/2026

CHAS Health

Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

 Family Spokane, WA Accredited 01/10/2019 – 01/09/2022

Reaccredited 12/10/2021 – 12/10/2026

Highland Family Medicine

Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

 Family Rochester, NY Accredited 04/11/2019 – 04/10/2022

Reaccredited 03/10/22 – 03/10/2027

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Barbara Trueman Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Post-Graduate Fellowship

Psychiatric Mental Health/ Child/Adolescent Columbus, OH Accredited 09/12/2019 – 09/11/2022

Reaccredited 07/14/2022 – 07/14/2027

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Advanced Practice Provider Fellowship

 Pediatrics Seattle, WA Accredited 02/13/2020 – 02/12/2023

Reaccredited 01/12/2023 – 01/12/2028

Urban Health Plan

NP/PA Residency Program

Primary Care Bronx, NY Accredited 01/14/2021 – 01/14/2024
 Petaluma Health Center

NP/PA Residency Program-Primary Care

Family Petaluma, CA Accredited 03/11/2021 – 03/11/2024
Community Healthcare Network

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Fellowship

Primary Care New York, NY Accredited 07/08/2021 – 07/08/2024
Community Healthcare Network

Psychiatric Community Healthcare Nurse Practitioner Fellowship

Psychiatric New York, NY Accredited 07/08/2021 – 07/08/2024
El Rio Health

APRN Residency Program

Primary Care Tucson, AZ Accredited 08/19/2021 – 08/19/2024

FNP Residency Program

Primary Care Valparaiso, IN Accredited 09/02/2021 – 09/02/2024
Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center

Na Lei Kukui Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

Primary Care Waianae, HI Accredited 09/09/2021 – 09/09/2024
Community Health Center, Inc.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

Psychiatric Middletown, CT Accredited 11/11/2021 – 11/11/2024
Thundermist Health Center

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program

Psychiatric Wakefield, RI Accredited 05/12/2022 – 05/12/2025
Thundermist Health Center

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Program

Primary Care West Warwick, RI Accredited 05/12/2022 – 05/12/2025
Cahaba Medical Care

Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

Primary Care Centreville, AL Accredited 07/14/2022 – 07/14/2025
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

Keith Haring Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Fellowship in LGBTQ+ Health

LGBTQ+ Health Brooklyn, NY Accredited 06/09/2022 – 06/09/2025
MedLink Georgia, Inc.

North Georgia Advanced Practice Program (NoGAPP) Residency

Primary Care Colbert, GA Accredited 07/14/2022 – 07/14/2025
Holyoke Health Center

Holyoke Health Center Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Training Program

Primary Care Holyoke, MA Deferral until 04/13/2023
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Seattle Children’s Hospital Neonatal APP Fellowship

Neonatology Seattle, WA Deferral until 06/09/2023

Updated on 01/16/2023