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News – Updates

News – updates for April

This last month has been mostly on the road, personally and professionally.  We have been visiting every generation of our family, including our 3 grandchildren who range in age from 12 months to 7 years.  Seeing how they change month to month reminds me of the progress that NNPRFTC is making, almost minute by minute!

Status of Accreditation Reviews:  Two programs are in the pipeline for accreditation review.  We expect to complete their reviews in late summer or early fall.  We are exploring the possibilities for provisional accreditation with another program.  And a couple other programs have indicated that they plan to apply within the next few months.

Logo and Seal:  NNPRFTC’s logo and seal are nearing completion.  We have been working with Jerry Kuyper, an internationally recognized graphic artist.  Jerry led us through a process that included a in-depth questionnaires / interviews; multiple reviews of a series of possible images; several focus groups that culminated in the selection of a single image; and recently, perfecting the final appearance of the logo and seal.  As soon as we finish the trademarking process, we will be rolling out the logo on the website.   Keep an eye out for our new look.


I delivered a presentation on accreditation and NP postgraduate training programs for CHC’s NCA webinar series.   This entire webinar series provides a superb overview of all aspects of program development — for programs under development as well as for groups that are thinking about implementing a program.  These free, national, best practice and outcomes-based webinars focus on transforming teams and training the next generation.  To access past presentations or enroll for future one check out the link above.

Then last week, Margaret Flinter (the Chair of NNPRFTC’s Board of Directors) and I were invited to join the US Department of Veterans Affairs Health Administration’s Centers of Excellence conference, focusing on interprofessionalism, training, and healthcare practice.  It was a pleasure to meet national colleagues from across the health care spectrum.  Each morning began with a compelling plenary session, ranging from how personal perspectives can unknowingly influence health care to a discussion by a panel of veterans about their VA experiences.  We had in-depth conversations, including two presentations about accreditation and the VA’s NP postgraduate programs.

Check back regularly to see what else we are up to!