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North Mississippi Medical Services’ Advanced Clinician Fellowship Program Accredited

For immediate distribution: April 17, 2017

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The National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Consortium (NNPRFTC) is pleased to announce the accreditation of another postgraduate nurse practitioner training program: North Mississippi Medical Services’ (NMMS) Advanced Practice Clinician Fellowship (APCF), headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi. The APCF program has been awarded programmatic accreditation for the full 3-year period.  Current trainees will be considered to have completed an accredited program.

The continuing accreditation of rigorous postgraduate nurse practitioner training programs demonstrates the importance of NNPRFTC’s accreditation as a hallmark of public recognition for quality.  Accreditation shows each program’s commitment to providing the highest levels of quality training and clinical experience to their trainees and the same high level of conduct in their business practices.  Accreditation by the NNPRFTC is proof of this commitment and signifies that they have met the rigorous standards of a nationally recognized third party.

The NNPRFTC is proud to serve as a national accrediting organization, consistently upholding the principles of excellence in accreditation and in clinical training while fostering innovation and leadership in healthcare.

For further information about the NNPRFTC, visit: www.apppostgradtraining.com. The website provides information on the meaning and significance of accreditation, the process, and useful resources such as regular informative blog postings, listings of current publications and research. For additional information, please contact Candice Rettie, PhD executive director at [email protected].