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The New Year: 2022

From Candice S. Rettie, PhD., and Kerry Bamrick, MBA

Kerry and I have decided to begin a new tradition. Together, as past and present Executive Directors, we are jointly sending you a note of reflection and thanks.

We have had too many seasons battling disease, crises, and distress. Now, the winter solstice is behind us and spring is on the distant horizon. There is certainly darkness, but there is so much light. Every day, the hours of sun light increase. The new James Webb space telescope launched successfully, an incredible scientific accomplishment that will allow us to better understand our universe. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of digital art are being created and sold, transforming the world of fine art. Who knew that Christie’s Auctions would sell a “digital art collage assembled from 5,000 individual works created each day over 13 ½ years, and then minted as a unique token stored on blockchain” for $69 million? Almost daily there is new evidence about how to better manage COVID and its variants. The development of mRNA vaccines has opened promising new avenues for effective treatment of multiple other diseases.

Society is figuring out how to move forward, even if it is two steps forward, one step back. Each day there are moments of joy. Joy may be deeply embedded in despair, but joy is there if we are open to it.

In the Chinese Lunar calendar 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger, known for boldness, courage, and generosity. It is a time of action, thanksgiving, gratitude, joy and remembrance. It is a time for reflection and celebration. It is a time for bold intentions to be followed by courageous and loving action, for being generous to others and ourselves.

Let us be grateful for the promise of each new day.  Celebrate a glistening snowfall and the crisp scent of pine or blue skies, ocean waves and warm sand between your toes. Listen to music that makes your heart sing. As society navigates the pandemic, hug family and friends. Cherish the memories of those who have moved on. Rejoice with those who are with you now.

A very wise woman shared with me her daily ritual of intentional love for herself and others.

Each morning, she opens the day by saying: “I am Love and Light. I will bring happiness to others.”

Each night she closes the day by saying: “What made me happy today and what made me thankful?”

Let us remember to find those elusive moments of happiness, and then offer thanks. Let’s welcome the gifts of love, in whatever form they may appear. Let’s love ourselves and others.

To each of you who read this blog, may you be open to receiving love and light throughout 2022. May you experience more moments than you can count of happiness and gratitude. May you share that lightness of spirit, happiness and joy, with all!

Wishing you the very best in 2022.

With gratitude, Candice Rettie and Kerry Bamrick