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Call for Posters: 2022 Annual Conference

Submit your poster abstract for our annual conference in July!

The 2022 Consortium Annual Conference: “The Power of the Past and the Force of the Future”- Call for Poster Presentations

The 2022 National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Training Consortium (“The Consortium”) is accepting poster abstracts. The poster sessions will contribute to our professional community of practice by sharing ideas, best practices, how we overcome challenges, and exemplars of postgraduate training. Examples might be a description of an APP post-graduate training experience (curriculum, evaluation, faculty development, academic partnership, etc.), implementation of interdisciplinary programs, and collaborations that result in innovation and excellence. (Please note–The information presented must be free from commercial bias.)

Poster abstracts can be submitted through June 1, 2022
The conference is July 24-25 in Washington, DC
Poster sessions will be on the July 24th (10:30-11:00am and 11:45am-1:00pm) and July 25th (11:45am-1:00pm)

What Is a Poster Presentation and How Does it Work?
A poster is a visual way to disseminate and share your innovations. It is a hybrid of a written paper and an oral presentation that enhances one-on-one networking opportunities for conference attendees. A poster could stand alone without a presenter, but the presenter enhances the information. Presenters stand alongside to stress key points, answer questions, and receive feedback.

Accepted posters should be printed on fabric or material that can be ‘wall mounted’ in a poster board space that extends HORIZONTALLY. The poster dimensions should be 48” wide x 36” high. Please make sure your poster is designed and printed according to these dimensions.

Guidelines and Information
Poster abstracts will be accepted online only at this link. The maximum length of the poster abstract is 2000 characters. Anything beyond 2000 characters will not be considered.

What Poster Abstracts must include:

  • A needs assessment statement
  • Three learning objectives
  • Abstract summary
  • Purpose, methods, principal observations/findings, impact
    • ​Submission requires fully completing the online form which includes the poster abstract; author information; personal statement; and a brief bio.

Click here to submit an abstract.

Within one week of acceptance, the author of an accepted abstract must submit it to the Consortium:

    • Completed Disclosure Form (will be included with acceptance notice)
    • E-mail addresses for all co-presenters/co-authors

Tips for Abstracts

  • ​Write your abstract in a Word document first for easy editing and for your records.
  • Be sure to provide enough information for the selection committee to understand your approach, results, and significance. Incomplete abstracts will not be considered.
  • Demonstrate how your work is relevant to postgraduate training, and why conference attendees should know about it.
  • Use #s when describing findings and provide the response rate when highlighting survey findings.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Accepted posters will be shared with conference attendees and will be published as-is.
  • Posters are not opportunities to promote a product.
  • Presenters are responsible for their conference registration, travel and related expenses.
  • Poster session (if accepted)
    • The presenter is required to register for and attend the 2-day Conference
    • Poster Abstract submission deadline is June 1, 2022
    • Notification of abstract acceptance will be by June 10, 2022
    • Confirmation of acceptance by the poster author is required by June 17, 2022
    • An electronic file of poster content is required by July 15, 2022.

Poster Presentations: Presenter Requirements, Cancellation and No-Show Policy
The Consortium views a submission of an abstract as a commitment by the author(s) to present the poster/abstract if their submission is accepted. Late cancellations and failures to give scheduled presentations without prior notification (“no-shows”) are disruptive and inconvenient for conference attendees and organizers. The Consortium has adopted the following policies to prevent avoidable cancellations and no-shows and to improve the overall quality of our programs:

Presenter Requirements
The lead author of a poster submission is the designated contact and poster presenter for that submission (if accepted). The lead author of an ACCEPTED poster must register for the Consortium conference, at the appropriate rate, in order to present their poster at their scheduled session time.

Presenter Cancellations
If the lead author cannot attend, a presentation by a co-author is acceptable. However, the lead author is responsible for notifying Consortium staff, via email, of the change and ensuring that their replacement is registered and paid in full for all Consortium conference fees. Please make every effort to notify the Consortium of presenter cancellations and presenter changes by July 1, 2022.

Abstract Withdrawal
We ask to be notified of poster withdrawal by July 1, 2022. Please email the notification to withdraw posters to the consortium staff.