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Consortium Leaders Publish Results From National Survey

A recent article co-authored by Consortium Executive Director Kerry Bamrick, MBA, and Consortium Program Specialist Shay Felder, MBA, breaks new ground in reviewing survey data from directors of 181 APP postgraduate training programs across the U.S.

The largest published study on APP postgraduate training programs, it draws attention to the level of institutional support needed to run the programs effectively and support the administrative workforce fairly. The study underscores the need for national guidelines around the appropriate level of program support to facilitate postgraduate training programs for advanced practice providers. The National survey and article was conducted in collaboration with lead-author Vasco Deon Kidd, DHSc, MPH, MS, PA-C and Jessica Horstmann, MSN, APRN FNP-C.

Read the full article here:
National Survey on Support for Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant/Associate Postgraduate Fellowship/Residency Programs and Director Compensation