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More Musings on Accreditation

Returning to the nature theme – our purple martins have returned. Last year was the first time that we had a purple martin house.  I’d read that they are rather finicky about how high the house is, the color, the size, if there are other species of birds etc.  My approach is: Do as much […]

Interprofessionalism — the DNA of NPs

Before joining the Consortium, I spent about 20 years in academic medical education, working on medical school curriculum, faculty development, and residency training.  Then in 2005 I shifted to the nonprofit association world, and joined the Consortium in late 2015.  One of my colleagues from a previous nonprofit association introduced me to the concept of […]

News – Updates

This last month has been mostly on the road, personally and professionally.  We have been visiting every generation of our family, including our 3 grandchildren who range in age from 12 months to 7 years.  Seeing how they change month to month reminds me of the progress that NNPRFTC is making, almost minute by minute! […]

The Arc of Success

If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of the presidential primary races.   My jaded perceptions moderated a bit after a leisurely weekend with my husband — time spent puttering about the yard and working in our gardens. So, in a more generous and relaxed frame of mind, it occurred to me that the purpose of […]

Updates: What’s New?

The NACHC Policy and Issues forum occurred March 16-19 in Washington DC.  I joined two of our Board members, Margaret Flinter and Craig Kennedy, as well as several CHC staff including Kerry Bamrick, Veena Channamsetty, Kevin Massey, Daren Anderson, Agi Erickson and Patti Feeney. Hundreds of people stopped by CHC’s Weitzman Institute exhibit to learn more about […]

Musings on Accreditation: the Paradox of Change

I’ve just returned from the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors’ spring conference in Chicago.  The theme of the conference was consistency and fairness in accreditation.  It was inspiring — filled with collegial exchanges, shared best practices, and thought-provoking presentations. I was welcomed to Chicago by a glorious spring day:  windy, sunny and 72 º.  […]

Musings on Accreditation: More on Promises

Last week the cherry blossoms were at their peak.  The promise of spring was visible in the cotton candy clouds of soft pink and bright white that topped the trees. Yesterday harsh winds tore through the region and now the ground is littered with petals. My bird feeder lies broken, half way across the lawn.  […]

Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing Report

The Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing Committee charged with assessing progress five years after its original report recently announced their findings. Read their preliminary report and press conference announcements.

Musings on Accreditation: Promise and Beauty

Hello. Welcome to the National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Training Consortium’s blog. I am Dr. Candice Rettie, the Executive Director of the Consortium. Spring began officially this week. Forsythia are in full bloom and the cherry blossoms are at their peak here in Washington DC. Migratory birds are returning to their summer breeding grounds. […]